The Webibar activity for the Development of Interests and Talents of the Business Education Student Association (BESA), Business Education Study Program, Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia held a seminar with the theme “Colorful Soul Of Music” which aims to provide education about how we know the talents that exist in a person and how to develop/hone talent itself. In addition, what positive things will be obtained if the talent continues to be grown and developed. The theme “Colorful Soul of Music” means the colorful soul of music, this webinar activity has a music theme because in this webinar activity there is a video showing of BE Got Talent participants and the announcement of the winner of the competition. This webinar activity will be held on Saturday, January 15, 2022, 13.00 – 16.00 via zoom meeting. This webinar activity was guided by the MCs, namely Melisa Dwi Astuti and Mahesa, starting with remarks by the chief executive Shelvi Nurjulia, the head of the BESA association Raihan Rafiana, and remarks from the student mentoring Mr. Masharyono, AP., S.Pd. M.M. After that, enter the lecture by reading the CV of speaker 1, namely Ghania Wardani, a cover singer, and continued the lecture by discussing talent in the field of music, how to find out one’s own talent, how to develop/hone talent and provide an understanding of the positive potential of talent that continues to be developed/sharpened.
After the presentation, it was continued with a question and answer session from the webinar participants. From several questions, the most interesting questions were chosen by the presenters who would later win a door prize. Before entering the 2nd presentation, a short video was shown of all the BE Got Talent participants and after that, Nazar Deipa, a musician from Bandung who had a band with special music, entered the second presentation by Nazar Deipa. In the second presentation, he discussed keroncong music and shared experiences in developing musical talent, how keroncong music started. After that, it was followed by a question and answer session and the selection of door prize winners as in the first presentation. Before the presenters closed the presentation, a group photo was held along with a certificate. (MH)