Friday, March 25, 2022, the Business Education Study Program, Faculty of Economics and Business Education, Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia, in order to improve the quality of learning devices and synchronize them with the needs of students, held a Semester Learning Plan (RPS) Preparation Workshop with Dr. Rahmi Dewi, M.Pd Head of the UPI Graduate School Curriculum Development Study Program (SPs). The activity was opened by the Head of the Business Education Study Program, Dr. Puspo Dewi Dirgantari, S.Pd., MT., MM., CBSA, and continued with lectures.

According to Permendikbud No. 49 of 2014 Semester learning plans (RPS) are determined and developed by lecturers independently or together in a group of experts in a field of science and/or technology in a study program. Semester Learning Plan (RPS) is a learning planning document that is prepared as a guide for students in carrying out lecture activities for one semester to achieve predetermined learning outcomes. In universities, the learning tools used by teachers or lecturers are known as Semester Learning Plans or abbreviated as RPS.
Semester learning plans (RPS) or other terms at least contain;
1. The name of the study program, the name and code of the course, semester, credits, the name of the supporting lecturer;
2. Graduate learning outcomes charged to courses;
3. Planned final capabilities at each learning stage to meet graduate learning outcomes;
4. Study materials related to the capabilities to be achieved;
5. Learning methods;
6. The time provided to achieve the ability at each stage of learning;
7. Student learning experience embodied in the description of tasks that must be done by students for one semester;
8. Criteria, indicators, and assessment weights; and
9. List of references used

The workshop was attended by 20 Lecturers of the FPEBUPI Business Education Study Program consisting of 5 Professors, 7 Doctors, and 8 Masters. The output of this workshop is the preparation of RPS from all courses to be implemented in the next semester, especially in the new learning year 2022/2023. This activity is very important to be carried out and continues to be carried out every semester in an effort to improve the quality of the RPS itself and upgrade it so that the materials presented are kept up to date. The participants looked enthusiastic, this indicated that the activity was going well and was fun. (MH)