When Not Including Allah in All Activities

On Saturday, August 28, 2021, the BESA Association held a KAMUS (Kajian Umum Islam/ General Islamic Study) activity with the theme “Whitout Allah? Blanks! (When not including Allah in all activities). This activity took place through a zoom meeting which was attended by Business Education students and students or students from various universities in Indonesia.

The agenda for the BESA 2021 General Islamic Study (Kajian Umum Islam-KAMUS) activity begins with the reading of the holy Qur’an, remarks from the chief executive, remarks from the head of the BESA association, remarks from the Business Education Student Trustees as well as the opening of the KAMUS event by Mr. Masharyono, AP., S. Pd., MM. This activity was continued with the reading of the speaker’s CV, the presentation session delivered by Kang Asa Ayazida Aunu Robby as the founder of family hour which was followed by a question and answer session then closing statement from the speaker and the presentation of the speaker’s certificate by the chief executive. Then at the end of the activity, an ice breaking was held in the form of quizzes, the announcement of the door prize winners and closed with a prayer reading. Alhamdulillah, this dictionary activity went smoothly, but there were several obstacles during implementation, including the display of the bumper waiting room being late due to problems from the operator and the opening of the event being postponed because there were still many participants who had not entered the zoom room that had been provided.

The core of this KAMUS (Kajian Umum Islam/General Islamic Study) activity is the fostering of Islamic religious values which is carried out by the lecture and dialogue method where this activity is delivered by a speaker who is an expert in his field, namely Asa Ayazida Robby. This year’s KAMUS (Islamic General Study) activity took the topic of “Without Allah? BLANK!” (When not including Allah in all activities). This topic was taken to invite Muslims and Muslim women to study and understand that all the affairs of this life must be intended as a form of worship to Allah, to know the reasons for Allah’s involvement in all affairs of life, also to strengthen the faith or belief of Muslims in the religion of Islam and to inspire enthusiasm for keep fighting and be a true and strong servant.