This Business Education Programme originated from the change in the Corporate Economics Department in 1983 which was divided into 2 Programmes, namely the Administration Education Programme and the Bookkeeping Education Programme. The Bookkeeping Education Programme has changed its name back to the Accounting Education Programme. Meanwhile, the Business Administration Education Programme in 2008 changed its name to the Business Management Education Programme. Along with scientific developments, demands from the business and / or industry and the nomenclature list of the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education, the Business Management Education Programme proposes adjusting the name of the program as a new nomenclature, namely Business Education by attaching curriculum documents, learning outcomes and references to scientific development abroad. The proposal for the name of the Business Education Programme was accepted by the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education with the issuance of the Minister of Research and Technology Decree No. 257 / M / KPT / 2017, listed in the copy of attachment 1 with No. E 32 belongs to the education clump. Furthermore, in 2018 based on UPI Chancellor’s Regulation Number: 7011 / UN40 / HK / 2018 concerning Changes in the Name of Departments and Programmes in the Indonesian Education University, the change in name / nomenclature of the Business Education Programme was strengthened as well as its operational permit. By changing the name of the Business Management Education Programme to the Business Education Programme, it has an impact not only on adjusting learning outcomes and the curriculum but also on adjusting the vision, mission, goals, objectives and strategies for achieving the programme.

The excellent programs carried out by the Business Education programme each year include: Global Conference Business Management and Entrepreneurship (GCBME), Business Education (ABE) and the Exhibition of Business Edupreneur.

Global Conference Business Management and Entrepreneurship (GCBME) is an annual conference organized by the Business Education Program, Faculty of Economics and Business Education, University of Education Indonesia. Since it was first held in 2016, GCBME has discussed various topics on business, economics and entrepreneurship.

The Ambassador of Business Education (ABE) or the Edupreneur Business Ambassador is the awarding of selected edupreneurs as a long-time achievement award given to continue being entrepreneurial. This award was once carried out by a UPI Edupreneurship figure, Dr. (HC). Muhammad Jusuf Kalla. This activity is an activity that aims to attract courageous and successful edupreneurs to run a business during the study and guidance period.

The Business Education Programme has received Accreditation A BAN-PT, based on the decision of BAN-PT No.245 / SK / BAN-PT / Akred / III / 2019. In addition, the Business Education Programme has also been ISO 9001/2018 certified. The Business Education Programme is also one of the founders of the Indonesian Business Educators and Practitioners Alliance (APSIBI), an alliance that focuses on economic and business education in Indonesia.

The Business Education Programme provides a group of electives / specializations / concentrations of 1) entrepreneurship, 2) retail business, 3) Human Resource Management, 4) Marketing Management, 5) Digital Business, 6) Digital Marketing, 7) Financial Technology, 8) Digital Business Education. The profiles of graduates of the Business Education Program are educators, educational research assistants and businessmen / entrepreneurs with graduate work fields spread across various fields / industries, including the education service industry (Lecturers in Higher Education, Teachers in Vocational High Schools, Senior High Schools, Junior High Schools), banking and finance industry (employees and/or managers in commercial banks, regional banks, insurance and so on), travel entrepreneurs, event organizers, e-commerce, and so on.

The human resources of Business Education programme are 18 people consisting of:

  • 4 Professors : (1) Prof. Dr. Agus Rahayu, MP; (2) Prof. Dr. Syamsul Hadi Senen; (3) Prof. Dr. Hari Mulyadi, M.Si; (4) Prof. Dr. Ratih Hurriyati, MP
  • 6 Doctors : (1) Dr. B Lena Nuryanti S., M.Pd; (2) Dr. H. Ahim Surachim, M.Pd., M.Si; (3) Dr. Ridwan Purnama, SH., M.Si; (4) Dr. Lili Adi Wibowo, S.Pd., S.Sos., M.M; (5) Dr. Puspo Dewi Dirgantari, S.Pd., M.T., M.M; (6) Dr. Dita Amanah, MBA
  • 9 Masters : (1) Sumiyati, M.Si (2) Eded Tarmedi, M.A; (3) Bambang Widjajanta, M.M; (4) Girang Razati, M.Si; (5) Raden Dian Herdiana Utama, M.Si;  6) Lisnawati., S.Pd., MM; (7) Masharyono., AP, S.Pd., MM; (8) Yusuf Murtadlo Hidayat., S.Si., M. Stat;  (9) Sulastri., S.Pd., M.Stat., MM, (10) Asep Ridwan L, S.MAT, MAB, (11) Ratu Dintha IZFS, S.Pd., M.M

The collaboration between the UPI and several domestic agencies accessed by the Business Education Programme includes the State Islamic Religion College (STAIN), the Karsa Husada College of Health Sciences, Singaperbangsa Karawang University, the Gunung Jati Swadaya University Cirebon, Sultan Ageng Tirtayasa University, Gorontalo State University, University of the Indonesian Teachers Association, Pakuan University, Widyatama University, Timor University, Bandung Islamic University, Syekh Yusuf Islamic University, Airlangga University, Dharma Sugih Sejati Foundation, Mien R. Uno Foundation, Mayor of Pekanbaru, Educational Fund Management Institution, Minister of Villages for Disadvantaged Areas and Transmigration, Republic of Indonesia National Resilience Institute, Nahdatul Ulama Teachers Association, Education and Training Center (PUSDIKLAT) Ministry of National Home Affairs, North Gorontalo District Government, Serang Regency, Gowa Regency Government, South Sulawesi Province n Regent of Siak, Government of Pandeglang Regency, Private University Coordinate IV, PT. Alam Semesta Atom, DAMRI Company, Pudak Scientific, PT. Informedia Solusi Humanika, PT. State Savings Bank, and so on.

To add, cooperation with institutions abroad has also been conducted including to several institution/university such as: the University Of International Business and Economics (UIBE) in Beijing, University Malaysia Kelantan, University of Malaya in Malaysia, UPSI Malaysia, Sultan Idris Malaysia Education University, The Faculty of Education & Social Work, The University Sydney Australia, Faculty of Education Beijing Normal University China, Guangxi Normal University China, The Hongkong Institute Education (HKIEd), Doshiha Univerities (DU) Japan, Tokyo Gakugei University (TGU) Japan, Paedagogische Hochschule Heidelberg (University Education Heidelberg) Germany, Gwangju National University of Education Korea (GNUE), Korea National University (KNUE) Korea, University of Malaysia (UM), University Sains Malaysia, Faculty of Education, Chulalongkorn University (CU) Thailand, Faculty of Education, Kon Khen University of Thailand, Prince of Songkla University (PSU) Thailand, MARA University of Technology, University of International Business and Eco nomics, ASEAN Young Intellectuals Communication Forum USM International, ASEAN Young Intellectual Communication Forum (FORKIM) Malaysia Science Education University (USM), EDS Eductional Development Society Songkhla Thailand, and so on.