Monday, February 8, 2021, Vice Rector for Education and Student Affairs, Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia, Prof. Dr. H. Didi Sukyadi, MA in order to improve Pekan Kreatifitas Mahasiswa (PKM) invited 100 student representatives from each faculty within UPI and 50 students from regional campuses to participate in the 2021 PKM Preparation Socialization event at the zoom meeting. Besides that, the event was also attended by the Deans and regional campus leaders as well as the PKM supervisors themselves.

The event was opened by the UPI Vice Rector for Education and Student Affairs with presenter Prof. Dr. Tri Indri Hardiani, M.Pd. She is one of the national reviewers who has been involved in the PKM world a lot. One of UPI’s targets is to win more gold medals than in 2020.

Prof. Indri conveyed the latest PKM guidelines which when compiling a PKM proposal should really pay attention to what is allowed and not (obedient to the guidelines). Do not let the selection not pass because of the format that is not appropriate or far from the guidelines that should be.

Lecturers and students of the Business Education Study Program, Faculty of Economics and Business Education are also involved in the socialization activities for the preparation of the 2021 PKM in order to further improve literacy related to PKM and strengthen the contents of the proposal.

This activity is very important to do in effort to increase understanding of the academic community so that PKM is much more qualified and the goal is of course to get as many gold medals as possible in accordance with the ideals of the institution. The key to the success of this PKM is of course there must be synergy between all related elements so that it must continue to be improved, one of which is by creating a community so that it is able to attract students who have an interest in PKM.