Saturday, January 30, 2021 in effort to improve academic services, especially in the process of Teaching and Learning Activities (KBM), the Faculty of Economics and Business Education held a Zoom Education Training activity for Lecturers and Study Program staff in the environment. This activity is Zoom Education Training, Faculty of Economics and Business Education, Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia in collaboration with BARAMA MULTI GROUP as the party holding the zoom license in Indonesia.

The speakers were delivered by Ms. Lisia Cristina and Mr. Alfi as representatives of BARAMA MULTI GROUP by explaining various features in zoom education and the differences with ordinary zoom. Among the advantages of the zoom education provided is being able to find out the audience using the device, signal and student attendance in lectures.

In the success and increasing literacy of this training activity, lecturers and staff of the Business Education Study Program FPEB UPI fully participated in this event. This activity consists of two sessions where the first session is for all (lecturers and staff) while the second session is for operators appointed by each study program. The Business Education Study Program assigned three lecturers including: Mr. Yusuf MUratdlo, Mr. Asep Ridwan Lubis, and Mrs. Ratu Dintha and one staff member, Mrs. Resa. This activity is planned until 12.00 WIB and a follow-up session will be held to further improve zoom education literacy.