PT Kereta Api Indonesia (Persero) Job Vacancies are opened, with the following positions:
1. Machine
2. Conductor
3. Train Travel Organizer (PPKA)
4. Langsir Officer (PLR) / Signal House Officer (PRS)
5. Upstream Electricity Negative Check Officer (PNC LAA)
6. Synthetic Negative Check Officer (PNC SINTELIS)
7. KPJR Operators
8. JJ Mechanical Depot Workshop Technician
9. Satker of Railroad and Bridge Technicians
10. Administration
11. Service Staff
12. Stewardess/Train Stewardess
13. Facility Maintenance Technician

=> Applicant Criteria
1. Indonesian Citizen (WNI)
2. Gender Male/Female age max.35 years old
3. Physically / spiritually healthy
4. Have a high school diploma (SMK/MA/SMK/MAK) with an average National Final Examination (UAN) score of at least 7.0 (seven-point zero)
Diploma 3, S1 (GPA 2.5)
=> Document Complete
1. Application Letter & CV
2. Photocopy of ID card & 3×4 photo pass (color)
3. Last Diploma
Placement according to applicant’s request/domicile
Please send your application to E-Mail
Application deadline until 30 May 2022